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Placement Services
Placement Services

RTI specializes in resource solutions ranging from Help Desk, Workstation, Network Infrastructure and Telecommunications services to Software and Web Site Developers. We also provide Project Managers, Consultants, MIS Managers and IT Directors.

RTI’s Account Executives and recruiting specialists are highly successful in determining your business needs. Using our own “ITRES” database, which warehouses a wide array of technological resources, we evaluate and select the right candidate to target your specific IT requirements.

In order to increase your competitive edge in today’s globalized market, a strategic recipe of outsourced and permanent IT resources is required to implement and support new and existing systems. RTI can assist your organization in providing that mix.

+ Outourcing Services

RTI pre-selects and delivers technical expertise on demand. You have staffing challenges that need to be fulfilled, whether short or long term, we have the best IT professionals in the industry. Be it one systems technician, or a team of project managers, RTI satisfies your needs promptly... when you need it.

+ Permanent Placement Services

We also provide contract-to-hire and permanent IT resources. Should your business indicate the need to hire long term, dedicated professionals on a permanent basis, RTI has the necessary infrastructure to assist you in your search. We conduct in-depth interviews and will only deliver the right candidates meeting your specific qualifications.



Technical Services - Help Desk & Support

Short-term objectives are the toughest challenges to fulfill. They are extremely time consuming and require precise technical skill sets. RTI has the necessary IT resources to meet those challenges.

Our advanced recruitment techniques allow us to build solid relationships with a wide variety of highly skilled IT professionals, which include:

+ Help Desk Specialist

The initial technical support response comes from Help Desk Specialists. They are fluent in advanced call center techniques and tracking systems. They are fully trained in a wide array of software applications and are extremely familiar with a full range of hardware technologies. Depending on your hierarchy, RTI will provide the necessary specialists to troubleshoot and solve multiple levels of support.

+ Hardware and Software Specialist

Similar to the Help Desk Specialist, these individuals strive as they are faced with technical challenges. They offer comforting words of assurance, and are efficient in problem resolution. Their technical skills are not limited to user support and troubleshooting. New user configurations and software installations fall under their domain. They are also accredited by many of today’s hardware manufacturing and software companies.



Network & Telecommunication Infrastructure Support

Communication is the key to success in any organization. RTI has the right resources to support your network and telecommunication infrastructure. Whether your company utilizes small LANs or WANs spanning the globe, accessing our database you can select from a variety of accredited specialists and engineers.

+ LAN/WAN Administrator/Engineer

Network certified professionals such as MCSE, MCP, CNE or CNA’s are the heart of any LAN/WAN infrastructure. They analyze, design, implement, configure and support LAN/WANs on multiple platforms, ranging from MS Windows server, Novell, UNIX, Citrix, MS Exchange, MS SQL, RAS and Clustering Servers, including Storage Area Networks (SAN).

+ Telecommunication Engineer

Telecommunication specialists ensure consistent connections with all offices within your operations. They take you from the planning table and deliver solid support across your infrastructure. Whether across town or overseas, these professionals will ensure you are always in contact with your facilities around the globe. They are accredited by communication leaders worldwide.



Software Development & Web Site Design Resources

Finding the right resources to help customize your software applications or to fine-tune your e-Business strategies is made simple with RTI.

Programmer/Analysts and Web Site Developers transform ideas into cost-effective solutions for your business.

+ Programmer/Analyst

With many complex systems today, companies are in need of specialists who can help them in designing and writing custom applications, with the expertise of programming languages such as Visual Basic, Oracle, SQL, Access, C++ or Dbase.

+ Web Site Developer

With the evolution of the Internet rapidly expanding, more and more clients are seeking the help of Web Site Developers and programmers to increase their presence. Web Site Developers are proficient in today’s leading web languages and tools such as HTML, Java, Flash, C++, Imagemap Design/Development and Perl scripting.



Project Managers & Consultants

Whether you have a project to deploy or in need of a consultant to analyze your business needs, RTI can help your organization with the placement of the right professional.

Business Analysts are highly experienced and have backgrounds from industry leaders worldwide. They will assist you in developing IT plans that will bring your company forward as you strive for technological excellence. Be it accounting, sales, orders or shipping systems, our Business Analysts are fully trained to address your many concerns. You can use them either on a consulting mandate, or as your Project Manager. RTI will provide you with the right professionals to ensure successful project development and execution.

+ Project Managers

Project Managers will assist you while working hand and hand with your IT staff to ensure a successful project deployment. Whether it is a network implementation, a telecommunication implementation or a software development project, our Project Managers will ensure that time and financial budgets will be respected.

+ Consultants

Our consultants have been helping organizations with cost effective business solutions. Samples of consulting services we provide are:

• Needs Analysis and Planning,
• Network Infrastructure Design and Planning,
• Network Management Solutions,
• Telecommunication Design,
• Security Analysis and Audits,
• Disaster Recovery Planning.



MIS Managers & IT Directors

RTI recognizes the importance of quality leadership within your organization. MIS Managers and IT Directors who possess the necessary qualifications to pursue such challenges, are found in RTI candidates.

+ Managers and Directors

We perform in-depth interviews to evaluate and pre-qualify MIS Managers and IT Directors to meet our clients’ high expectations.

Proven track records and reputable tenures are in high regard when evaluating such leaders. They must be customer focused and demonstrate keen business sense.

Management candidates of this level are selected by our executive recruiting department, consisting of a combined 30 plus years of Executive and Management experience.