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eBusiness Solutions
eBusiness Solutions

Innovative technology is changing the way you do business at an incredible pace. To increase your competitive advantage and stay competitive in the marketplace, your organization needs to employ Internet technologies and define an ebusiness strategy. An ebusiness strategy does not necessarily mean setting up a static web site for marketing, but deploying a system that provides customer services from marketing information, order placement and tracking to online services, in order to build customer loyalty and retention. ebusiness solutions need to be an extension to your existing offerings and complement your internal processes. RTI Technologies can help your organization outperform your competition by providing intelligent ebusiness solutions that provide better services, stronger support and improved reliability, ensuring your ebusiness strategy provides actual business results.

Today’s businesses, both small and large are using the Internet to communicate with partners, to connect the web to their existing infrastructure in order to provide back-end services on-line, and to provide electronic commerce. By using the Internet to interact with customers and prospects and implement the technologies that will provide personalized content and customer service, and deliver your products on-line, will provide your organization with a business strategy that will increase your bottom line, and streamline your processes.


Intranets concentrate on centralizing corporate-wide information in a repository using Internet technologies within your organization. You can develop a system where private corporate information is deployed instantaneously to all users within your organization. You can also implement technologies that integrate internal processes such as purchase requisitions, expense reports, human resources information, travel reports, etc.


Extranets allow you to build a system where your business partners, suppliers and customers can access your internal supply chain, in order to securely streamline business processes and communication between your organization and outside entities.


Many organizations both small and large are using the Internet for electronic commerce or eCommerce. eCommerce is a collection of technologies that allows customers to place orders on-line, to authorize purchase transactions, and to track orders from placement to fulfillment. eCommerce can provide your organization with a competitive advantage as customers are able or order products and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Merely having a web site does not guarantee that you will attract visitors. Proper advertising and marketing are essential to ensuring the success of any web development project. Frequent updates and constant re-evaluation are critical to visitor retention. RTI Technologies can help your organization design a website that reflects the value of your organization, and introduce processes that ensure your website is constantly updated and kept current as your business grows.

Incorporating an eBusiness strategy into your organization will increase your competitive advantage